Welcome to our travel support site for those looking for information, entertainment or both. On this site you have two categories of articles to choose from, using the links below.


  1. TRAVEL STORIES: This category is where you will find links to longer travel stories that reflect on the journeys of two Australian Baby Boomers, released upon an unsuspecting world after years of confinement by employment and raising children. We needed to be able to laugh with and at ourselves.


  1. SHORT TRAVEL BLOGS: Here are links to shorter blogs providing information for travellers looking for ideas of where to go next.


If you are looking for travel support, Gayle is a Brisbane, Australia based travel consultant with years of experience helping baby boomers and their grown up children fly the coop to those world destinations awaiting to charm and challenge them. (

  • Images above: Early morning in Victoria, Canada after snow fall.
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