Ghan Study Tour 2016

I have booked a number of clients on the Ghan Rail Journey over the years and have always thought it quite expensive for a few days of travel. Having just completed a study tour of this train travel offering, I have now completely changed my mind. It is an experience that you cannot put a price on.

On arrival in Darwin our group was transferred to Sky City Resort where I was amazed to be escorted to a beautiful room with pool access. I spent the afternoon wandering the city & found my way to the waterfront. I haven’t been to Darwin for almost twenty years so was pleasantly surprised to find this area looking so lovely.

Sky City hosted us for dinner that night which was a great opportunity for us to get to know one another.

Next morning we were transferred to the Ghan train and shown to our cabins. My first thoughts were that they would be too small, particularly the bathroom. Surprisingly we all agreed after using the shower that the space was more than adequate.

Our first stop, Katherine, was early afternoon where we all enjoyed the Two Gorges cruise. It was very hot there so it was a pleasure to get back to the train to freshen up.

Drinks in the lounge followed by yet another amazing meal. A prefect end to the day.

The next morning, we arrived in Alice Springs where I had decided to check out the helicopter flight out over the amazing Simpson’s Gap. It was spectacular although I have to admit it’s a bit hairy bouncing around up there in a helicopter.

I was looking forward to the afternoon on the train & after dinner we stopped at a siding to view the stars. Unfortunately it was cloudy but it was a lovely experience all the same. I imagine the bonfire would be great in the cooler months.

We arrived in Adelaide just after midday on the third day & I was sorry to have to say farewell to everyone. The crew on the train are such characters that we felt they should make a reality show of them. I can’t rave enough about the trip, the food, the people and the two nights of being rocked to sleep. I’ve already been telling my clients all about it.

Gayle Fogarty

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