Regions of France

FRance 13 regions

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  1. PACA (Southern France)
  2. OCCITANIE (Midi-Pyrenees, Languedoc, Roussillon)
  3. NOUVELLE AQUITAINE (Bordeaux, La Rochelle)
  4. PAYS DE LA LOIRE (Nantes)
  5. CENTRE VAL DE LOIRE (Amboise, Loire Valley)
  6. BRETAGNE (Carnac, St Malo)
  7. NORMANDIE (Mont St Michel, Harfleur)
  8. ILE DE FRANCE (Paris, Versailles)
  9. HAUTS DE FRANCE (Nord-Pas de Calais, Picardie)

Thanks to Website ‘’ for the simple map of the regions of France and the notes below on the changes to the names of some regions.

This map shows the 13 administrative regions of France in Europe, as in 2018. (Twelve continental regions, plus the island of Corsica.) 
It does not include the overseas regions such as Guadaloupe and Martinique. Pre-2016 regions that have been merged into larger regions are shown in red type.
On Jan 1st. 2016, the number of regions in continental France was reduced to 12.

With regard to the pre 2016 regions,

Normandy is no longer divided administratively into two regions, upper Normandy and lower Normandy.
Nord-Pas de Calais 
and Picardy have been merged into Hauts de France
Lorraine and Alsace have been merged into Grand Est
 and Franche-Comté have been merged.
Poitou-Charentes and Limousin have been merged into Nouvelle Aquitaine.
 and Languedoc roussillon have been merged into Occitanie.
 and Rhône Alpes have been merged.

Centre Val de LoirePays de la Loire,  Brittany, Ile de France (Paris region) and PACA  (Provence Alpes Côte-d’Azur)  have remained as they were.

The largest historic region in France is Midi Pyrénées. (45,378 km²)
The most prosperous is the Paris region
, Ile de France (IdF)
The least densely populated historic region of continental France is Limousin
  (Corsica is even less densely populated)

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